ICU - Universe of the technology... The site Medicinaintensiva was created to collaborate in the development of the specialty being offered notice and links to assist the professionals who act in the Units of Intensive Therapy to have plus this option of research.  All the areas had been remembered, therefore all on professionals to the attendance in the ICUs will have its space in this site. He does not leave to order its critical suggestion or and participates with us. 



MD Douglas Ferrari - Brazilian Intensivist

Dr. Douglas Ferrari, Intensivista Doctor, university professor and Master in Intensive Medicine. It idealizes the multiprofessional and ample concept in the treatment of the critical patient. The specialty is dedicated integrally to this site and. It co-ordinates the Formations Centers of  specialists of AMIB and AFIB, and exerts the Presidency of the Brazilian Institute of Intensive Medicine and SOBRATI.